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Military Advertising

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Members of the Clemens Family, with more than 120 years of military service, stand in front of the Family home in Port Clinton after three of them returned from overseas deployments.

Why Military Families Are the Best Customers: Understanding the Benefits of Reaching This Market

Military families represent a unique and valuable market segment that offers significant opportunities for businesses looking to grow their customer base. … Read More

Military family sitting near a picturesque lake.

Military Advertising During a Recession Can Help Your Budget Go Further

When it comes to managing a business, owners often wear many hats, and making sure your marketing efforts go farther is imperative. Advertising during a recession makes this goal even more critical but it’s also more challenging to stretch your … Read More

pcs marketing

How To Market to the Military Community Despite PCSing

The PCS, or Permanent Change of Station, is a common occurrence that takes place throughout a military career. On average, military families will move at least once every two to four years. When it comes to advertising to military families, … Read More

2023 bah rates

2023 BAH Rates Are Increasing, Local Businesses Can Benefit

When troops are serving our country and need housing, there are allowances afforded to them to help offset these costs. Known as Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH), these benefits are provided to those who aren’t living in housing provided by … Read More

How To Market To and Support Military Families Before the Holidays

How To Market To and Support Military Families Before the Holidays

The holiday season can be tough for military families, especially if they are “PCSing” or if the active-duty spouse is on deployment. Add higher prices to the mix, and you have a recipe for disaster. Though the military is recession-proof, … Read More

military discounts

How To Offer Military Discounts the Right Way

Using military discounts to attract new and old customers is a great way to build your business. The military community has over $1 trillion in buying power with diverse interests, wants, and needs. Positioning your business to capture some of … Read More

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5 Tips for Military Advertising To Gain Conversions

Today, there are around 18 million Veterans and over 1 million active-duty military members who make up the military community. These numbers expand further when you include their immediate families. In total, the military community equates to around $1 trillion … Read More

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Why You Should Advertise To Military Families

Everyone wants to support military families. We hear it over and over again. Yet, many businesses don’t put their money where their mouth is because they often assume there’s no real return on investment. This is actually far from the … Read More