Military Advertising

Military Advertising

5 Tips for Military Advertising To Gain Conversions

military advertising

Today, there are around 18 million Veterans and over 1 million active-duty military members who make up the military community. These numbers expand further when you include their immediate families. In total, the military community equates to around $1 trillion in buying power. Knowing how to separate your company from the noise and reach this lucrative market segment is critical for achieving your marketing goals. Learn more about military advertising, including tips on creating military ads that convert.

5 Ways To Craft the Perfect Military Advertisement

Marketing to the military is explained like many other marketing endeavors. You will need to create campaigns that not only make an impact on your audience but also reach the right segment.

Military advertising is a great way to generate revenue and get your name out there. Here are five ways that you can improve your marketing efforts.

1. Military Discounts

As many as 90% of military families that are offered discounts admit to using them, and who can blame them?

Getting a discount for serving in the military is a great incentive for customers. Plus, it looks good from a PR standpoint.

While everyone would love a discount, military advertising has long been rooted in such a connection, and the reduced rate can build strong loyalty through establishing relationships with a market segment known for commitment to brands that show support.

2. Target Specific Dates

Using specific dates, such as anniversaries of events in the service or military holidays, can do wonders for your marketing efforts.

A great example is offering a discount because of the U.S. Navy’s birthday or on other military-related dates of importance.

Combining tips one and two is a great way to boost your military advertising efforts in a variety of engaging ways on multiple platforms.

3. Meet a Need Missed by Military Bases

Military bases offer a range of services, but they are limited in many ways. Additionally, not all services may be available, and even still, not all are available at every base.

This is important because as soon as your business is able to fill such gaps, you can provide value and generate sales for military families in your area.

Local military advertising is a missed opportunity by many lawyers, HVAC techs, and healthcare specialists that should be looked into more.

Since there are as many as 500 military installations, you don’t have to look far to find a military base near you in the United States.

4. Engage in the Military Space on Social Media Platforms

Social media is always evolving, but the fundamental approach of engaging your audience never goes away.

Providing valuable information through your posts and speaking to your audience is the key to building relationships and creating revenue from platforms that continue to become more and more crowded.

Military advertising on social media platforms can also involve targeted advertising, which will have you dissecting the market segment in a number of ways, as the military community is diverse.

5. Differentiate Within Your Market Segment

Marketing to the military is a diverse effort. The military community features Veterans that were fighting for our freedoms decades ago, newly enlisted service members just out of high school, their families, and everyone in between.

Adopting a diverse approach will help you not only reach more people but also do so in an approachable manner so that your message is well received.

Bonus: Stay in Touch and Follow Up

If you consider how many touchpoints it takes to make a sale (eight), you’ll begin to understand the importance of the follow-up.

It’s very unlikely that you’ll earn the conversion you want from any segment without multiple opportunities to get in front of your core audience.

Military advertising is no different. If you’re going to break through the noise and inspire action from your audience, you’re going to need to get into their vision more than once.

Adapting to a Changing Market Segment

In addition to creating an ad, it’s important to understand the changing face of the American Armed Forces.

Recruitment challenges, a shift in focus for combat, and a withdrawal from the Middle East have all affected the face of the U.S. military.

These changes cannot be overlooked by businesses and further speak to the point that having an established partnership with experts in military marketing can make the difference between success and failure in your endeavors.

Advertising to military families is what we do best, as continues to evolve with a changing market to reach the right audience at the right moment through impactful content.

How To Advertise to Military Audiences

When advertising to the military, you’re going to need to find the right audience and present them with the right message at the right time.

This is where we come in.

Here at, our team works with you to provide an effective platform for your brand to market to the military community directly.

Rather than taking time out of your company’s operations to find this market segment and capture it, our team brings them to you.

Our robust following on both and provides your company with the perfect connection to both active-duty military members and Veterans.

Each month, we bring in over half a million visitors and generate countless clicks for our clients to bring qualified leads and conversions for local businesses across the U.S.

At the core of our business are innovation and connection. Through our established military ties, we continue to reach military audiences with messages they want to read by placing your military advertisements right in front of your desired customer.

Our team also continues to evolve with changing military trends through a core understanding of how to advertise to military families and bring them in touch with brands they will love.

Military advertising doesn’t have to be a hassle. Let us help by contacting us to see how we can help you increase brand visibility and sales today!

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