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Military Advertising

Military Advertising During a Recession Can Help Your Budget Go Further

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When it comes to managing a business, owners often wear many hats, and making sure your marketing efforts go farther is imperative. Advertising during a recession makes this goal even more critical but it’s also more challenging to stretch your marketing spend. The military offers one of the best market segments for businesses advertising during a recession. No matter what economic conditions we face, the U.S. is going to need a military and these loyal heroes command impressive buying power. Learn more about the military during a recession, how to reach this audience, and how they can help your business even when facing economic pressures.

Why Advertise During a Recession to the Military

Advertising during a recession can often be one of the first things to receive cuts. After all, when the economy is in a downturn, it’s important to manage costs and some things simply must go. But you can’t make a sale without customers, and to reach clients, you’re going to need to get in front of them.

This is why financial experts such as Forbes recommend when a recession comes, don’t stop advertising. Doing so will provide you with a host of advantages that can help you not only maintain your business but also grow within your industry:

  • Cutting marketing budgets is what your competitor is likely doing. Advertising is one of the most common first cuts among companies.
  • By engaging and advertising with/to your core audience, you can be a solution and voice when your competitors are laying low.
  • In terms of the military, the community is notoriously brand loyal. This means that using your advertising spend during a recession to reach them doesn’t only provide you with short-term sales to overcome unsure times, but will help you gain loyal, repeat customers down the road.

Just like many other households during an economic downturn, the military is not immune. But while Silicon Valley or other specific regions and industries may have ebbs and flows, America needs its defenders no matter what the Dow Jones is quoting.

Is the Military Recession Proof?

The military community always faces economic pressures but does so in different ways than civilians. But again, a recession isn’t going to mean the end of our military, in fact, in a weak economy, college grades surge into the military, showing that if anything, opportunities only grow within the military community.

Furthermore, making your dollar go farther can be easier for some in the military as there are tax breaks and financial incentives involved in a life of service. The advertising industry during a recession may be tricky, but the military community provides ample opportunity for sales.

Top 5 Reasons Military Members Do Well in a Recession

Military advertising during recession economies is a way to help businesses reach a specific market segment that is capable of helping you keep your organization going, despite outside pressures. Here are the five top reasons why military members do well in a recession and why your company should be advertising to them:

  1. Job Security

Obviously losing one’s job or the threat thereof can be a topic of discussion during a recession, but not having to deal with such obstacles is a benefit within the military. There are still wars to fight and prepare for, humanitarian efforts to conduct, and various other missions that continue to present the call of duty to those willing to answer it.

  1. Growth Opportunities

Remember, not only does the military present a unique chance for advertising during a recession, but it also presents a growing one. During a time when growth can be hard to come by, reaching the military community is an opportunity unlike any other in the marketing world.

  1. Income

Military members continue to receive income throughout recessions and can even see increases. Such was the case recently in 2022 and 2023 when legislation passed to provide troops with a historical cost of living increase. While such increases are customary each year, military members facing harsh economies are provided with even more to help them during harder times.

  1. You’re Building a Customer Base for Today and Tomorrow

Those who serve are loyal to the brands they purchase from as are their families. Often, creating relationships with customers can be a real challenge, yet with the military community, you have a chance when you gain a customer not only to enjoy sales today but set up recurring sales later on. Note, if you really want to take things up a notch, military servicemembers and Vets turn into loyal customers when brands offer military discounts.

  1. The Military Community Is Easy to Reach

Part of the problem with marketing to any potential customer is the cost of reaching your audience, but the military community is easy to reach. Here at Military Advertising, we curate military-focused content to drive traffic and present your product or service directly to them.

From on-page advertisements to guest blogs and more, we can help you reach the military with affordable advertising during a recession that helps businesses grow regardless of the other factors around them.

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