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2023 Media Kit

Deepen connections with military personnel and families and expand your reach nationwide. Download to discover all the ways we can make military marketing seamless.

The Advantage

Enterprise brands and local businesses have seen record sales after partnering with Military Advertising. Why? We make the most efficient use of your spend across an engaged and targeted audience of military members and families.

1st-Party Data

We've built relationships that close the gap between businesses and local buyers.

Seamless Solutions

61% of military members said they would shop at a brand more often if given a personalized offer.

Broad Military Reach

Tap into diverse mediums to get your message across, from Waze navigation to video content to lifestyle articles.

Empathy & Respect

Reach out to military families and service members in a way that honors their commitment and sacrifice.

Case Studies

How Valvoline Used Military Advertising To Drive Sales

When Valvoline’s 10% military discount went unnoticed, they turned to us for promotion around the incentive. See their results.

Expanding Military Reach in Medical & Dental

See what kind of brand exposure we can deliver for medical & dental businesses across major U.S. regions.

Better Military Advertising Starts Now

Tell us about your business and let’s start the conversation.

From national campaigns to hyperlocal targeting, Military Advertising drives more than just bottom-line growth — foster connections with military audiences that last.