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Military Advertising

Why You Should Advertise To Military Families

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Everyone wants to support military families. We hear it over and over again. Yet, many businesses don’t put their money where their mouth is because they often assume there’s no real return on investment. This is actually far from the truth. Here are the most important (and profitable) reasons why businesses should advertise to military families.

1. Military families are recession proof

Military families typically earn over a third more than the average American family. They are a recession-proof customer because there will always be a military. There will always be millions of people and their families stationed around 500+ bases across the U.S. And they move to a new base at an average rate of every two years. Military families are constantly buying and selling houses, spending more on education, travel, electronics, and cars at a higher rate than the average family.

Military families have more money to spend, and they spend it more often. With a massive overall spending power of over $1.2 trillion, the military community is an enormous untapped market for most local businesses. Military spouses alone represent over 1 million people with a spending power of $51 billion.

2. Military families are always on the move

Every 3-4 years, military families relocate to a different base. It’s a process called “Permanent Change of Station” (PCS). This means that families need new regular businesses for all of their needs across industries and markets. They need a new house or apartment, sometimes a new car, new schools, new dentists, new corner stores, etc. Staying abreast of PCS season is an effective way to know when to advertise your business to new military families.

The best part is, PCS season is long and perennial, with new military families popping up in your neck of the woods from May through August, every single year.

3. Military families love deals and discounts

A whopping 90% of military service members say they use military discounts. Not only that, but 96% say they’d share those discounts and deals with their family and friends. Studies show that the military community has a higher loyalty to businesses that provide these deals and discounts and provide a commitment of respect for their service to the country. Military discounts are an easy way to increase your visibility within the military community, and MyBaseGuide can share those discounts with the families that will come to you to use them.

4. Advertising to the military gets you access to more than just active-duty service members

When you advertise to the military community with MyBaseGuide, you put your business in front of:

  • 1.3 million active-duty service members.
  • 20+ million Veterans.
  • Half a million reservists and members of the U.S. National Guard.
  • 1 million military spouses.
  • Over 1 million contractors and civilians in the Department of Defense.

To be effective at their job, active-duty men and women need to know that things are taken care of on the home front. Therefore, businesses that support families with military discounts and provide exceptional service benefit from this community’s enduring loyalty.

Military families are recession proof, spend more than the average household, spend more often, reinvent their shopping habits more often, and are loyal to brands that support and understand them. Advertising to the military community is a no-brainer for any small business in close proximity to a military base or Department of Defense installation.

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