Military Advertising

Military Advertising

4 Reasons Attorneys Should Advertise to Military Audiences

why attorneys should advertise to the military

If you’ve been looking for ways to boost your client base in the legal field, you may have overlooked a massive audience that could contribute to your growth. The military community near you represents untapped potential that you should be taking advantage of, and you can gain direct access easier than you think, using tools like 

Why Military Advertising Is a Big Opportunity for Your Practice or Firm

Taking advantage of military marketing solutions is one of the wisest moves you could make as someone in the legal profession. In fact, you may even find yourself with more business than ever before after diving into military marketing.

What makes the military audience so special? There is an immense variety of legal issues that are totally unique to individuals, couples, and families in the military. As you’ll find out from working with, military communities are formed by tight-knit groups that share referrals on a regular basis – don’t underestimate the classic marketing tactic that is word of mouth!      

There are plenty of reasons to advertise your legal services to military audiences, starting with the ones below.

1. Military Divorce Rates

Military divorce rates are exceptionally high, and women in the military get divorced at much higher rates than average. The highest divorce rate in all of the U.S. Armed Forces can be seen in the Air Force, which has a divorce rate of 14.6%. 

More than 30,000 military marriages end in divorce each year. By advertising to military audiences, you can get a head start in representing soon-to-be-divorced clients and helping them work their way through this emotional journey. 

2. Courts-Martial

A military member can be court-martialed for any number of offenses. Summary, special, and general courts-martial all warrant different responses. 

In a summary court-martial, military members accused of less serious offenses do not have the right to a free military attorney, meaning they must hire their own attorney or go without legal representation. A general court-martial is the most serious, as it is categorized as a felony court.

When you offer your services to court-martialed military members, you’re assisting individuals through an overwhelming ordeal in an incredibly unique judiciary system. 

3. Wills & Trusts

Military service is unpredictable, especially during times of conflict. Military wills have a different set of requirements and can be more lenient than civilian wills, making them sometimes more confusing for surviving family members.

Being there to support military members and their families in creating wills and reading them will give the families and spouses the reassurance and peace of mind that only you, as an attorney, can provide them. 

4. Citizenship

The military is growing to become a more diverse organization than ever. With that sometimes comes sticky questions involving immigration and U.S. citizenship. Over 8,800 individuals were naturalized as part of their introduction to the military in 2021 – with 62.2% of these having gone into the U.S. Army. As you know, this isn’t an easy process. 

Prospective military members may need legal assistance with referrals, citizenship papers, re-entry permits, and alien registration. On top of this, surviving military spouses and dependents of a naturalized military member will need help with their own naturalization and citizenship process. 

How Can Help You Access New Clients has already partnered with thousands of businesses to fulfill military marketing campaigns, meet sales quotas, and grow their businesses with military clientele. There is an entirely unexplored market for attorneys and legal professionals to take advantage of and grow their client base. 

By working with, you can jumpstart a new campaign to improve your prospects and gain business opportunities you didn’t even know were out there. Join and get your name on the map – our map – that boasts over 1.4 million pageviews a month and fully integrated marketing solutions. With our help, you can make a difference in the already-chaotic lives of military personnel seeking legal assistance.    

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